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White Wine

Fresh aromas of green apple and spicy citrus fruits, the perfect blend of fruity undertones with a crisp, dry long lasting finish. 175ml £4.50 | 250ml £5.50 | Bottle £15.95

The aroma is light recalling golden apple, acacia and honey. This is a clean and fresh wine when young, it ev'Jlves to tropical fruit flavours 'whilst ageing.

A green apple and elderflower bouquet. Dry and full bodied palate with a velvety finish.

Fresh and fragrant with aromas of Sicilian citrus fruits, crisp and refreshing with a long, dry finish.

Dry and harmonious with a slightly bittersweet sensation on the palate, aromas of almond trees in blossom.

Rose Wine

Mouth watering undertones of summer fruit flavours and a crisp, clean palate. 175ml £4.50 | 250ml £5.50 | Bottle £15.95

Bursting with ripe aromas of wild strawberries and exotic fruits. This bouquet follows through to the taste and is balanced with a refreshing, clean and lengthy finish. 175ml £5.00 | 250ml £6.00 | Bottle £16.95

Red Wine

A well rounded, medium bodied soft wine that gives typical character of Merlot grapes 175ml £4.50 | 250ml £5.50 | Bottle £15.95

Lightly herbaceous aromas with red fruit hints, particularly plum and raspberry. The palate is full bodied with spicy notes.

An enveloping warm and full bodied mouth feel followed by spicy and almond notes to finish.

Complex taste of dried red fruits and berries, nicely structured with a velvety, long lasting finish.

Juicy cherry jam notes and lingering vanilla spices. Full bodied and well structured with excellent persistence.

Sparkling Wine

It has an aromatic bouquet, fruity and floral with reminiscences of acacia flowers and wisteria. Refreshing on the palate with balanced acidity and dry aftertaste.




£ 3.95