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Lemon custard on a shortcrust pastry base dusted with icing sugar and topped with nuts.

Pistachio and ricotta cream between soft sponge, decorated with chopped pistachios and hazelnuts.

Pastry roll filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and dipped in chocolate pieces, topped with candied fruit.

A double layer of vanilla and caramel cheesecake set on an all -butter biscuit base and topped with salted caramel.

Peaches, raspberries and blackcurrants with strawberry compote infused with summer punch, baked with cream and white chocolate, finished brulee style.

Silky chocolate sponge and Belgian chocolate truffle mousse with a fine mirror finish.

£ 4.50

Sponge cake base topped with layers of mascarpone cream and savioardi biscuits soaked in coffee then dusted with cocoa powder.

Gluten Free A round chocolaie sponge filled, topped and side coated with chocolate fudge.

Chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut praline mousse covered with gianduia topping.

Ask for flavours

All vegetarian and gluten free Vegan option available

Cannoli, Aragostine Ask for flavours 1 - £1.20 3 - £3.00